Lompat ke isi utama

Act now to protect Indonesia's sinking cities from climate change

"Op-ed by Denia Syam & Yoko Okura (Mercy Corps).  

Heavy groundwater extraction, compounded by worsening floods as the climate warms, raises the prospect of lost land and forced relocation.

Last month the Indonesian city of Pekalongan trended in the global media when severe river flooding caused a leak from a textile factory, turning the water a surreal blood red.

Bizarre scenes followed as children and people on motorbikes waded through the crimson waters, like a scene from an apocalyptic horror movie. 

Had it not been for the arresting images, this would have been ‘just another’ under-reported local flooding event. But for the people in the area the reality is much starker, more chilling and potentially devastating"


Link:  https://news.trust.org/item/20210329163742-dj8lq